GALYMA Business Services, Inc.


GALYMA is a full service Technology Consulting Company dedicated to you and your business since 1986.


"Friendly and Professional Technology Expertise for Everybody."

Our goal is to manage, implement and support Information Technology (IT) that truly benefits your company operations and contribute to your bottom line.

"We think of technology not as a cost center but as a profit center. IT should directly and indirectly increment the company profit by automating business processes, improving communications, reducing marketing, distribution and sales cost, freeing personnel to concentrate on the core of the business and finally enabling new streams of income." Georges Acha, VP GALYMA

Our secret recipe ? Personalized service. We take our time to hear what you have to say. We are not about selling the latest trend, but resolving your issues. Only by paying attention and understanding what is desired from us, it is that we can deliver exactly what you need.

We want to work with you whether you have one computer or ten thousand. Here is our plan:

  • We meet with you to understand your business model, concept and processes
  • We asses the current state of your IT infrastructure.
  • We asses your business goals in terms of IT desires.
  • We identify the gaps between the current and the desired state of IT
  • We develop an IT strategy to reach your business goals.
  • We implement and support your IT strategy.

GALYMA Computer Support's Helpdesk Services provide IT services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time IT staff.

Contact Us
  • Please call us at 305-302-3286 or fill out the following information and a GALYMA representative will contact you directly.
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