GALYMA Managed Print Services (MPS)

Are the Hidden Costs of Printing Hurting Your Bottom Line?
  1. Increased page volumes create increased imaging costs.
  2. Capital budgets are being stretched with purchases of output technology, reactive supply orders and emergency service.
  3. The costs associated with print administration, management and inventory control continue to rise.
  4. Printing device maintenance issues draw high-cost IT time away from a company's core objectives.
  5. Without device placement management, cost/page climbs when high-cost devices receive the highest print volume.
GALYMA can help
  • GALYMA Managed Print Services is an innovative, proactive system that will optimize your current printing technologies, as well as help you develop a fleet strategy for sourcing the most efficient devices when it makes sense to refresh. When you implement Managed Print Services with us, you can expect:
  1. Up to 30% savings in overall print costs
  2. Proactive maintenance that increases uptime and reduces service calls
  3. Precise management and reordering of supply inventories
  4. A healthier, more efficient fleet
  5. Less IT involvement in printing device issues
  6. Peace of mind that you're managing fleet as efficiently as possible
Enjoy the Benefits of Managed Print Services today!
  • Efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  • A good MPS can train your staff to use the services in the most efficient way, and include a contract that is scalable and fits into your business growth plan. Better control over the use and consumption of supplies will also help reduce the environmental impact of your business printing.
  • User satisfaction.
  • Training, consistency of product and a single supply chain will allow your users to experience much easier use of your printing products.
  • Cost containment and control.
  • MPS will help you decide your base level printing cost. Research has shown that using managed print services can cut document-related costs by 30 percent or more. Your company will also be assured only authorized spend on printing services will actually occur.

Reduce print management headaches, help preserve the environment, and save money on all of your printing needs.

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