GALYMA Virtual "Chief Technology Officer" (CTO)

All the benefits of a real CTO without the high cost.

Clients enrolled in Virtual CTO Services Plan will be assigned a dedicated Chief Technology Officer. This service gives our clients access to highly experienced IT managers that are experts in applying business technology to achieve business goals. Your assigned CTO has the ultimate responsibility for making sure your business is gaining as much value from GALYMA as possible by:

  1. Acting as your trusted business technology advisor and helping incorporate technology plans that support your overall business strategy and goals
  2. Guiding your business technology decisions to ensure the best technology investment for your business
  3. Monitoring the overall performance of GALYMA to ensure the highest levels of support for your business
Our Virtual CTO Services offer several key features to help you manage your IT infrastructure:
  1. Purchasing Assistance
  2. GALYMA purchasing assistance ensures the quick and efficient procurement of technology related products for your organization. Through the combined resources of an experienced business purchasing team and a dedicated CTO, GALYMA eliminates the guesswork in determining your specific purchasing needs and delivers the right products for the best prices when you need them most.

  3. Assigned CTO
  4. Clients enrolled in the CTO Service plan will be assigned a dedicated Chief Technology Officer. This is our way of saying that GALYMA will be in charge of managing and guiding your technology decisions. These individuals have an average of 10+ years of technology experience and have managed technology departments at an array of small to medium size businesses. Scheduled CTO Calls are just like having a full time employee. Your GALYMA CTO will have monthly scheduled calls with you to review the ongoing health of your network. You will have an opportunity to discuss strategic growth plans and additional ways that your business can leverage technology.

  5. Scheduled CTO Calls
  6. You will have an opportunity to discuss strategic growth plans and additional ways that your business can maximize the use of technology to be successful during your regularly scheduled CTO calls.

  7. Project Management
  8. If you’re like most CEOs, Presidents, and other executives at small to medium size companies you hardly have time to scope a project, the time to project manage the implementation of a new upgrade, deploy a new software application, or the implementation of a new backup system. With GALYMA CTO Services, we will oversee and manage additional projects from requirements to completion.

  9. Annual Technology Plan
  10. Each year we'll work with you to forecast your hardware and software requirements and to establish a budget for new technology purchases and upgrades.

  11. Disaster Recovery Plan
  12. Disaster can strike anytime; will your business continue functioning? Our CTO services include disaster recovery planning so we can help you put together a plan so your IT will be up and running when you need it.

Whatever your need, GALYMA's Virtual CTO Services will deliver. Let our experienced CTO's help you at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CTO.

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