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Business Disasters Can Happen Any Time. Get Prepared.

While some business risks are avoidable, downtime is inevitable. Events out of your control, such as natural disasters, human error and hardware failures can bring your system down without warning. The cost of outage can be severe.

Risk Management Solutions

GALYMA offers solutions that will minimize the cost of downtime and help you quickly recover. These fall into two basic categories:

  1. Disaster tolerant solutions
  2. Disaster recovery solutions
The Critical Role of Storage
  • Storage integrity and recoverability is absolutely critical to the success of any disaster recovery plan. Your ability to rapidly regain access to company and client data and re-establish mission-critical business processes depends on the robustness of your network and storage systems. GALYMA can provide strategies and storage solutions that will help you weather any disaster with minimal business interruption.
  • GALYMA creates enterprise storage solutions that can help you avoid downtime or minimize its impact. Our solutions combine hardware, software, infrastructure and best practices to let any organization “weather the storm” while maintaining operations and data integrity.
The Best Cost/Performance Balance for Your Business
  • Our architects can design systems with multiple layers of redundancy, both physical and logical, to reduce the risk of disruptions to key business functions. Solutions can include data mirroring between separate sites so that your data remains protected and available if either site fails. We offer an array of solutions that let you select the cost/performance balance that’s best for your business.
  • Despite the best planning and preparation, unexpected disasters can happen. GALYMA has the products, services and support to help you recover quickly – before a data disaster becomes a financial one.
Custom, Cost-Effective Solutions
  • GALYMA offers a broad range of disaster recovery solutions for everything from individual workstations to enterprise-level solutions. Our solutions combine products, services and support to provide protection, performance and smooth integration across your entire business. By balancing the cost of downtime with the cost of the proposed solution, we can help you select the optimal and most cost-effective solutions.

With the hurricane season being a real yearly threat, contact a Business Continuity Expert today and be prepared !

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