GALYMA Network Management Services

Do you have a network and limited IT staff?

Your servers, technology assets, and networks need regular monitoring, support and efficiency testing to perform at their optimum levels. Professional network management will lower your operations cost, reduce energy output, and decrease down-time. Outsourcing your network management needs to an experienced group of skilled professionals for a flat-fee allows you to concentrate and focus on your core business practice. From the development of a disaster recovery plan to annual technology reviews, GALYMA Computer Support will ensure your business has the right network resources in place to grow.

Benefits of Network Management Services:
  1. Decrease Capital Investment
  2. Costs associated with designing and building an optimized network can be overwhelming for a small business. GALYMA will use the advanced hardware and software tools we've invested in to help you manage your network infrastructure.

  3. Lower Cost of Ownership
  4. Lessen your investment in network staff and in-house operations.

  5. Predictable Management Costs
  6. Paying a regular flat fee allows you to easily integrate your IT costs into a predictable, easy-to-budget, amount.

  7. Optimize Technical Resources
  8. Free up your technical staff to focus on key technical business objectives, instead of time consuming operational maintenance issues.

Asset Management
  • As part of our network services package, GALYMA Support provides historical and daily real-time reporting and viewing of all service requests and current asset information. Each network monitoring client receives a web based interface to review their assets and partner with our expert team to configure the best practices for managing those assets.
ISP Management
  • Let us manage your internet services and web hosting for you. We’ll take the headaches out of dealing with customer service personnel, and let you focus on managing your business. In addition, we’ll perform network monitoring of your firewall, and keep you up-to-date on the latest security threats. We’ll even set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to create a secure tunnel to access your network remotely, to provide immediate assistance and support.
Server Management
  • Is your IT staff spending crucial technical time repairing patches, and maintaining servers rather than working on critical IT projects? Do you have a limited IT staff? GALYMA offers a full-range of Server Management services for your network:
  1. Unlimited phone support
  2. Unlimited remote support
  3. Event log monitoring
  4. Backup monitoring and administration
  5. Drive space monitoring
  6. License management
  7. Case management

These are just some of the features GALYMA offers to help you manage your network. Our engineering experts and network technicians will work with you to create the most effective network management plan for your business at the lowest possible price.

One-Stop, Flat-Rate Network Management
  • GALYMA Network Management offers all the services you’ll ever need to manage your IT network
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